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Titolo: Rooftop After-mission
Fandom: MCU
Personaggi: Nick Fury, Clint Barton
Rating: SAFE
Conteggio Parole: 208
Note: English fic. Scritta per il meme di Tumblr delle drabble, prompt "Enamour me (out of the blue)". Per mia moglie [livejournal.com profile] arwen1988

Nick Fury was never one for romance and he surely never thought of himself as one capable of romantic gestures , especially in public. But when Clint came back from his latest mission, battered and bruised from a close encounter with the pavement, he decided he had to show some appreciation for his dedication and hard work. Personal appreciation. A pat on the back and a three-day leave to get some rest was ordinary administration, after a mission that took such a toll. It was not enough. For once in his life he wanted to make a real nice gesture. Something special. So he put up a mission tailored to get him alone on the roof of the tallest building in the area.
Little did Clint know, it was not a mission at all. He reached his position still aching all over from the fall he had took, grumpy as he could be, but before he could actually crouch over the rooftop to focus on the target, the Director himself came up to him with a box of brownies and a hot milk in his hands.
“It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?”
Clint grabbed the paper cup with a wide smile he couldn’t be bothered to cover up. “It sure is…”

Titolo: Russian Spongebaths
Fandom: Original
Personaggi: Oleg, Itai (M/M)
Rating: SAFE
Conteggio Parole: 150
Note: Scritta per il prompt "Nurse Me" con Itai che tornava a casa malconcio

Di norma, Oleg tornava dai lavori con un numero di ferite che oscillava tra il due e l’interezza del suo torso. Era praticamente la norma che Itai poi lo ricucisse e lo aiutasse a rimettersi in piedi.
Non era mai successo che invece fosse Itai a tornare pesto e malconcio e per un momento Oleg fu nel panico. Ma fu un solo momento. Itai aveva bisogno di una mano e per quanto lo avessero già medicato, Oleg voleva fare tutto il possibile per poterlo aiutare a rimettersi in fretta.
Per quanto le ferite non influissero sulla sua capacità di camminare, Itai non riuscì a convincere Oleg a lasciarlo fare la doccia da solo – ed in realtà, nemmeno insieme a lui – e si ritrovò a farsi lavare nella vasca con tutta la calma del mondo, non potendo nemmeno protestare – e non volendo realmente farlo, perché era davvero piacevole.

Titolo: Joining the team
Fandom: MCU
Personaggi: Nick Fury, Clint Barton
Rating: SAFE
Conteggio Parole: 220
Note: Scritta con il prompt "Invite me" per [livejournal.com profile] arwen1988. English fic.

Nick looked at the team regrouping after the mission, all of them more or less bruised and battered, but visibly happy of the outcome they achieved.
The Director bit his tongue when he felt like asking what they felt like doing to celebrate and he complimented them briefly, half-resenting his own fame as a loner asshole who didn’t want anyone to have fun ever.
He didn’t want to get in the middle of the team easing up after the fight they put up with.
He saw Barton take a finger to his earpiece, as if to check if the thing still worked.
“Everything alright, Barton?”
“So it is on!” Laughed Clint. “Hey boss, how about you come down here with us?”
“… aren’t you going out to celebrate?”
“That’s exactly what we’re doing. So what do you say, can you leave the mothership for a couple of hours or is the sky gonna fall if you do?” Joked the archer, looking up in the sky, trying to find a trace of the Helicarrier.
“… I’ll see what can be done, Barton.”
“Good! Don’t leave me hanging, ok?” Clint waved, before catching up with the others.
Nick masked his smile as much as he could, before turning to his second-in-command.
“Keep this ship afloat while I’m gone, Hill, I’ll be back in a couple of hours…” Said, before leaving the deck.

Titolo: Fresh Meat
Fandom: The Expendables
Personaggi: Gunnar Jensen, Barney Ross, Trench Mouse, Tool
Rating: NSFW
Conteggio Parole: 232
Note: Brothel!AU, scritta con il prompt "Invite me" per [livejournal.com profile] arwen1988. English fic.

Gunnar was still a newcomer at the brothel and yet his arrival had already robbed Trench Mouse of half his clientele and the Austrian was extremely unhappy and unnecessarily vocal about it with Tool and Barney.
He would go on indefinitely about how little he trusted the youngster, how inexperienced and raw he was, how he did not bond with the three of them and he couldn’t let go of it to save his life.
Neither Tool nor Barney shared this aversion towards the Swede. Mainly, Tool didn’t because he only serviced women and Gunnar only worked with men. Barney didn’t have anything against Gunnar because Gunnar was inexperienced and a little rough around the edges, but he turned to Barney for advices and tips and he seemed to genuinely want to get in touch with him. Still, he was a little surprised when Gunnar called on their day off without apparent reason.
“Is everything alright, kid?”
“Uh, yeah, I just- how would you feel about coffee, Barney?”
“… coffee with a client?” For a moment he paused, realising what was really going on. “… you mean coffee you and me.”
“I meant coffee you and me.” Admitted Gunnar. “But if you don’t want to, I mean-”
“No, I- I’d like that. Tonight, maybe?”
“Sounds great. Seven at the Café du Mond?”
“I’ll be there. See you tonight then.”
Maybe, just maybe, Barney liked the new guy more than he initially thought.

Titolo: The cat(s) came back
Fandom: Original (Expendables hinted)
Personaggi: Yin Yang, cat!Hale Caesar, OFC, OMC
Rating: SAFE
Conteggio Parole: 238
Note: Circa quasi cats!AU sugli Expendables, Sam è mia, Yang è loosely based sul personaggio del film, Caesar è un gattone bellissimo e Otter sarebbe cat!Connor.

Sam had been sick with worry when both Otter and Caesar – the name had a nice ring to it and it seemed to stick perfectly to the huge black cat she adopted – had disappeared after their usual walk around the block. She had searched the block, put up fliers, called the neighbors, she did anything and everything and the cats were still missing.
Three days in, the doorbell rang and she rushed to open, hoping it was the good news she was hoping for.
It was better. A man was standing on her doorstep, with a bandaged up Otter in his arm and a very active and happy Caesar by his left ankle.
“I found him trapped in a wire-fence near my house… it fell down and… Caesar helped me find him, he came to me while I was passing by and started meowing loud and led the way… and Otter had a bad scratch, so I took care of that… here…” He handed her the cat, but when she had him in her hands, she reached out and held his wrist.
“Please, don’t go… I- I owe you a lot, really, and… I don’t even know your name… please stay…”
The man hesitated, surprised and he nodded briefly, a shy smile bending his lips. “My name is Yang…”
“… would you stay for dinner, Yang? Just… you know, just to thank you for everything…”
“… I would love that, thank you…”

Titolo: A Baker in Love
Fandom: Original
Personaggi: Richard, Katzar (M/M)
Rating: SAFE
Conteggio Parole: 236
Note: Katzar è un personaggio di [livejournal.com profile] arwen1988

Richard was waiting patiently for his favorite client to come in like he did every morning, to buy way too much bread for a single person. Knowing he would come in, with his smile and his bright blue eyes , made his day, everyday. He was age-appropriate, too, and since Richard was not twenty anymore, that was something that really interested him. Seeing him approach from the shop window made Richard smile wide and bright.
“Good morning…”
“Good morning to you… how can it be that everyday it smells better and better, in here?”
“It means my efforts are worth it… and today, especially for my favorite customer, I have a whole tray of red berries cupcakes!” Announced the baker, obtaining a brighter smile that made his heart melt like butter.
“That calls definitely for quite a tip to the baker!”
“The baker had in mind a tip he would have liked, actually.”
“He did? And what would he ask for, as a tip for this treat?”
“The name of his favorite customer would be very much appreciated…”
The man softened his smile and nodded. “His name is Katzar…”
“The baker would also like to know how Katzar would feel about a dinner out, sometime…”
“Katzar would be flattered to have dinner with his favorite baker…” Replied the man and the baker let his head drop lightly, trying to cover up how a big, burly, grown man could still blush like a boy in love.

Titolo: Edge of Seventeen
Fandom: Sort-of Marvel comics
Personaggi: Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar), OMC
Rating: SAFE
Conteggio Parole: 206
Note: High school!AU. Non ho diritti su teen!Northstar, ma William Moses è mio. English fic.

Will took a deep breath and tried to muster some courage. With his head up high and the books held up to shield what little insecurity he could feel wriggling under his skin, he marched up to Jean-Paul and cleared his throat to make the other notice him.
Jean turned around and faced an incredibly stiff Will, with a blank expression and an empty stare.
“… are you ok?” He asked, genuinely worried about how pale he looked.
“I- I am! I… feel like I have to throw up, actually.”
“Do you want me to take you to the school nurse?”
“Will you go to prom with me?” Blurted out Will, in the middle of Jean’s question.
“…you want to go to prom with me?” Asked Jean, to make sure he understood correctly.
“I do. And if you don’t want to, that’s totally cool. Really. No pressure-“
“I want to!” Jean almost literally lit up, beaming a bright smile at the other. “I wanted to ask you too!”
“You- I- ok, then!” Babbled Will, happy and excited like never before. He instinctively leaned over to kiss him and realized what he did only when he was straightening his back again. “I’m so-“
Jean interrupted his apology, taking his head between his hands and kissing him wholeheartedly.

Titolo: Trust me
Fandom: Original
Personaggi: Connor, Caesar (M/M)
Rating: NSFW
Conteggio Parole: 547
Note: Connor è mio, Caesar è di [livejournal.com profile] arwen1988, english fic.

Connor looked around at all the couples walking through the hall and the more he looked at them, the more his heart sunk. He was fairly certain he would never have anything like that, not even like the flakiest, most frivolous couple in the school. Not that there were no other gay kids at school. He was sure there were more than the three known names who took all the heat and the shit of being gay. He was also sure none of those in the closet would come out just to associate themselves with the one stuck up faggot who never ever talked to anyone ever because he was a snob bitch – and not just because he was shy and introverted and being constantly put in the spotlight made him extremely uncomfortable. Sure as hell, not a certain defense end he secretly fawned over. The guy was in the football team, he would not give up that status quo to make him happy.
His thoughts were interrupted when he nearly bumped into the very defense end he was so intently thinking about.
“I’m sorry-“
“No, I- I was looking for you, actually.” Smiled Caesar.
“I- you were?”
“Are you going to prom with someone?”
Connor squinted for a second and pinched his own arm. “Uhm, I am not… why?”
Caesar smiled wide. “Will you come to the prom with me?”
“... you mean going stag, with you and your friends-“
“I- I actually meant alone. With me. As a couple.”
Connor felt his brain scream and keel over and before he could actually digest his proposal, he jumped to the worst possible conclusion. His face contracted in an offended and hurt mask. “This is not funny.”
“I hope so… I mean, I’m serious.”
“… you want to go to prom with me. You, the defense end of the football team, one of the most desired guys in school, want to go to senior prom with me. The stuck-up bitch.”
“I don’t think you’re a stuck-up bitch. And I do want to go to senior prom with you, but if you don’t want to…”
“I-“ Connor sighed and found out he had no idea what to do with his hands. “… I would love to go to senior prom with you, Caesar… but I don’t want your reputation to sink because of me. Just talking with me right now, if anyone saw you-“
Caesar took his wandering hands to try and stop whatever was going on in that beautiful blond head of his. “I never cared about popularity, Connor. I swear, I never, ever, cared about being popular and cool and whatever else. I want to go to senior prom with you and buy your corsage and rent a limo just for you. Because anyone who wouldn’t do it for you is wrong, alright? Will you go to prom with me and to hell with what my reputation will be if you do?”
“… I do. I want to go to prom with you.” Whispered Connor and even then Caesar didn’t let go of his hands, with a relieved smile.
“And will you come to have lunch with me, now?”
“But- yes. Yes, I will.” Sighed Connor, with a faint smile that only grew stronger as Caesar pulled him ever so gently to his side, giving exactly zero shits what everyone thought.

Date: 2013-04-09 01:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] arwen1988.livejournal.com
Io ti voglio bene, tanto, ma dio quante fic da commentare tutte insieme!

Rooftop After-mission: Mi è piaciuta tanto, con Nick che finalmente si decide a fare qualcosa di carino... e poi il latte caldo è sempre una buona trovata con Clint XD
Ora io però immagino le cose che saranno successe su quel tetto. :D

Russian Spongebaths: Ho fatto awww per Oleg, mi ha colpita soprattutto quando Itai è entrato e lui ha avuto il momento di panico... tipo "Dio, a questo non sono abituato, come reagisco??" XD Bellissimo.

Joining the team: :D Mi piace quando Clint prende le idee di Nick e le getta dalla finestra, soprattutto quando Nick di partenza pensava che non va bene stargli vicino e Clint invece se lo tira appresso!

Fresh Meat: Il pezzo dove gli chiede di andare a prendere un caffè con lui è il mio preferito :D Bello Gunnar!

Date: 2013-04-09 02:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuppu.livejournal.com
gne ♥ mi è piaciuto tanto scriverle tutte e con due mici che facevano le fusa sulle ginocchia, il fluff veniva da solo ♥ anche con hooker!Gunnar XD


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